lunes, 10 de agosto de 2009

Rawhead Rex (Rex el Brutal)

Rawhead Rex was created on December 2nd, 1986. The film was based on the short story by Clive Barker which originally appeared in Volume 3 of his Books of Blood series. It features a monstrous pagan god's bloody rampage through the English countryside.
The film was directed by George Pavlou and has been criticized for poor plotting and poor production values. Pavlou and Clive Barker (who also wrote the screenplay) had previously worked together on Transmutations (also known as Underworld): in both cases, Barker was dissatisfied with the final results. His dissatisfaction moved him to direct Hellraiser.

Niall Toibin as Reverent Coot
David Dukes as Howard Hallenbeck
Cora Venus Lunny (as Cora Lunny) as Minty Hallenbeck
Ronan Wilmot as Declan O'Brien
Niall O'Brien as Detective Inspector Isaac Gissing
Heinrich von Schellendorf as Rawhead Rex
Robert Byrne as a photographer
Donal McCann as Tom Garron

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